Penina Golf Resort – 50 years & going strong.

The Algarve is now synonymous with golf with an array of golfing destinations up and down it’s coast line. It really is a golfers paradise given the amount of quality courses and great places to stay. Golfers of all abilities travel from all across Europe and beyond to play it’s now well renowned courses. This is evident with the eye popping 1.2 million rounds of golf being played in 2015, with that number set to be repeated for 2016 however back in 1965 that certainly wasn’t the case. The Algarve, a prime piece of land was used for winter getaways for European holiday makers thanks to the all year round climate and sandy beaches, with golf being completely non existent, in fact there wasn’t even a golf course to be found. That would soon change…

Penina Golf Club

It wasn’t up until 1966 when Penina Hotel & Golf Resort opened it’s doors, that golf finally found the Algarve. In the early 60’s a group of investors got together and decided they would put their grand idea of golf in the Algarve into practice with no expense being spared. Hiring the best architects, interior designers & hoteliers to design & run the Penina Resort. They dreamed of building a golfing paradise in the Algarve which they achieved with flying colors. However it ended up achieving much more than that with the snowballing effect which took place after it’s opening in 1966, helping shape the Algarve into the golfing destination it is today.

The expense and expertise has paid dividends as the 5 star Penina Golf Resort continues to hold its own among it’s ever growing competitors and remains a hugely popular golfing destination with it’s high service levels, immaculate conditioned courses & great value. Without the shining example of Penina Golf Resort, golf in the Algarve may not have taken off like it has today, with no fewer than 30 courses being built in close proximity shortly after its opening.

Penina golf resort