The Irish Open Pro Am – Part 3

I woke up the other morning just before five a.m to use the little boys room, when returning to bed I had a peak out the window to see what the day was going to bring. When I pulled the curtains I noticed someone heading off to work, later that day I was relaying the story to my mum and she replied with:

“Sure you use to get up at that time to play Golf!”

And she was right. Back in 1993 when I got bitten by the golf bug, it wasn’t as easy as it is now to play so I used to get up before the sun so I could sneak out and play nine holes around Greystones Golf Club before the green keepers arrived.

From there my love of the game grew and when in school I would day dream about winning big tournaments, travelling the world playing golf and all the luxuries that came with being a Professional Golfer. I even practiced my autograph, just in case.

Fast forward twenty odd years and while walking from the driving range all that practice started to pay off. At first I was like, “no no I’m not a pro” but towards the end of it I was just walking around with a sharpie signing anything that got in my way. Sure when will I get the chance again I suppose. I didn’t care the only reason the kids were asking me was because BMW were making an outrageous fuss out of me and I was being followed by my own actual entourage. So I lapped it up.

This happened to be the exact time my Mom, Sister, Niece and better half arrived on site. I can only imagine their reactions when they seen me surrounded by camera’s, signing autographs.

Not long until we got to meet our Pro, Michael Hoey.  Standing on the famous 1st tee where Darren Clarke got that incredible welcome during the Ryder Cup in 2006 surrounded by grandstands that butterfly in my stomach started to flutter again. The fairway getting smaller and smaller

Then our Professional started walking towards us.